Northern Lights Pulse – Helping Teens Better UnderstandThemselves, Others, and the Worldin Which They Live.

Northern Lights Youth Services, Inc, (NLYS) is a North Dakota-based nonprofit organization. Our mission statement is to lead in the promotion and support of positive youth development, and our vision is youth realizing their potential.

Since 2003, NLYS has provided oversight of the Northern Lights SADD program in the Dakotas and Minnesota, and has developed innovative programming and tools for youth to be a positive influence in their schools and communities.

However, we have always sought new ways to reach young people directly and not be solely reliant upon school-based chapters. We believe in taking a holistic approach to prevention and positive youth development. Rather than focusing our efforts around specific issues, we prefer to address the whole person and cultivate an attitude and environment in which youth want to make the right decisions.

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