Random Life Advice

Have you ever wanted a cheat sheet on life? This is not that. It is however a bunch of helpful random tips about life by random people I polled off of my Facebook page. They are in no particular order. Anyway, here is some life advice.

  • Don’t have such a chip on your shoulder and let go of things you cannot control.
    • It sounds easier than it is. But letting go of things you can’t control will seriously help you both in the short and long term.
  • Don’t change yourself to fit in with others.
    • You are perfectly excellent as you are. Why would you alter yourself to be more boring or normal or whatever? Be proud of your weirdness. What sets you apart from others are your strengths.
  • Sometimes it’s okay to look out for yourself too.
    • Seriously, take care of yourself. There is only one you, be kind to yourself and make smart choices.
  • Keep to yourself and don’t trust so easily.
    • Sometimes trusting people is great, and sometimes it leads to heartache. Some things are good to share, while other things about you only you and maybe a few select people should know.
  • Don’t care what other people think, chances are, they aren’t thinking about you.
    • People are so self absorbed! They are busy thinking of themselves, they’re not worried about you. So just focus on what you need and move on.
  • Eat the cake. Take the trip. Buy the shoes.
    • Life is short, don’t fill it with regrets. Eat the cake.
  • Do it.
    • Why are you hesitating? Just do it!
  • Learn who you are by trying new things!
    • You might learn that you love a new hobby just because you tried something new! What do you have to lose? 
  • Don’t settle/never settle.
    • Do you want something? Go after it! Don’t settle for mediocrity, shoot for greatness!
  • Go on an adventure while you’re young. Don’t leave yourself open to wonder “what if I…?” when you’re older.
    • Make your decisions so that you don’t have any regrets when you’re old.
  • Be proud of yourself. 
    • Seriously you are so amazing, be proud of all that you’ve accomplished.
  • Speak up and set your boundaries.
    • You have a voice. Use it! And set healthy boundaries for yourself.
  • Enjoy the journey and accept that there is no finish line.
    • Pretty self explanatory. Enjoy the ride that is life. And there is no finish line, you just have to keep going.
  • Being a sensitive human is a strength, not a weakness.
    • It truly is. Being sensitive leads to empathy and compassion which are strengths, not weaknesses.
  • People pleasing is not always a good thing.
    • Put yourself first.
  • Love others, but set healthy boundaries for yourself.
    • Setting boundaries doesn’t mean you love others less, it means that you love and respect yourself enough to give yourself what you need.

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