Submitted by: Katelyn D.

Today I woke up late and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I knew my depression had decided to rear its ugly head and today had the potential to SUCK. It certainly didn’t help that the sky was overcast.  But I got out of bed and I went to sit in front of my happy light (it’s a lamp that mimics the sun) and I started to journal. And here’s the most important thing I want to impress on others: all that matters is that you try.

Today I’m skipping yoga and my shower and probably a lot of other things that I should, and would normally do on a good day. But today my depression kicked in. So I got dressed and I fed myself and I still have time to do other good things. Celebrate those little wins. It’s important to be kind to yourself on days like this. Because you’ll have days like this but they will pass. 

So take care of yourself on days like this. Stay hydrated, try your best to eat something other than junk food, but it’s okay if that’s all you can do. (Bonus points for dark chocolate because it gives you a happy boost.) 

You’ll get through this. I believe in you. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting it right today, you can always try tomorrow. And remember, it’s just a bad day or a couple of days, it will pass. The sun will shine again tomorrow and so will you.

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