Therapy Testimonial

Submitted By: Katelyn D.

Full disclosure: I think everyone should go to therapy at least once a year. People could complain about their in-laws or build up their courage to ask for a promotion for their job. But here’s the thing: therapy is like hypnosis, it only works if you think it works. If you go into something thinking it will never work, of course it’s not going to work.

I like therapy. I’m the type of person who needs to talk through things in order to understand them. Another great thing about therapy is that your therapist is not a part of your friend group. If you have a problem with friend A, bad mouthing them to friend B is only going to create more problems. But if you talk with your therapist about friend A, your therapist can help you come up with solutions for the situation.

Therapists are really good at helping you look at things from a different perspective. They challenge how you view the world. Sometimes it can get annoying, but it does help you grow as a person.

How has therapy helped me? Solving fights with friends, challenging my warped perspective, helping me understand the other person’s side, how to be a better partner to my boyfriend and more. Therapy helps me talk through my depression and anxiety so they don’t impact me as much. Through therapy I gain understanding of myself and those around me.

Therapy isn’t necessarily for everyone, but I do think everyone should give it a shot.

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