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Random Life Advice

Have you ever wanted a cheat sheet on life? This is not that. It is however a bunch of helpful random tips about life by random people I polled off of my Facebook page. They are in no particular order. Anyway, here is some life advice. Don’t have such a chip on your shoulder andContinue reading “Random Life Advice”


Submitted by: Katelyn D. Today I woke up late and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I knew my depression had decided to rear its ugly head and today had the potential to SUCK. It certainly didn’t help that the sky was overcast.  But I got out of bed and I went toContinue reading “Depressy”

Therapy Testimonial

Submitted By: Katelyn D. Full disclosure: I think everyone should go to therapy at least once a year. People could complain about their in-laws or build up their courage to ask for a promotion for their job. But here’s the thing: therapy is like hypnosis, it only works if you think it works. If youContinue reading “Therapy Testimonial”

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